qUest wiRx

we, as the creators, created, and creation invite you to embark on a quest, an inner journey…

awaken into your innate capacity and potentiality through your ability to respond and evolve into consciousness with sensitivity and vulnerability….

connected to the living matrix as members of the flock we focus on the process of finding the space needed so that we might connect and fly and dive with ease…

defining our Selves thru creativity we change the world…

being the change via our sensitivity and vulnerability…

allowing ourselves to be changed…

the field of knowing holding us as support like the ground, breath, air and the living matrix…

meditation is the zero point in the field where energy exchanges between subatomic particles creating the breath, the breather and breathing…

the universe as a supercharged backdrop felt as resonance…


Creative collaborators for qUest include dancers, musicians, performance and visual artists. Our cohort includes Nina Be, Isabel Castellvi, Rob Chamberlain, Stephanie Sevilla, Glen Rumsey, Jessica Almy Pagan, Mindy Reaves, Shaleigh Comerford, Lindsey Elcessor, Catherine Howard, Stacey Kirby, Madelyn Sovern, Murielle Elizeon, Justin Tornow, COMPANY, and others.  Together we will weave a multi-media experience, creating intentional work with a shared inspiration through practices of meditation, embodiment, imagination and craftsmanship.

Meditations on echoes of breath presentation.001.jpeg


charcoal, projections, heart beat, exquisite corpse, latex, fingertips, ashes, columns, bunt edges, wamrth, togetherness

Meditations on echoes of breath presentation.002.jpeg


iridescence, barrels, tunics, puddles, drips, watercolor, skating, dye, dipping, pelvic bowl, bathing, tenderness

Meditations on echoes of breath presentation.003.jpeg


seeds, mountains, enchanted gardens, forest, clay, mounds, bark, building, foudnations, enveloping, stillness

Meditations on echoes of breath presentation.004.jpeg


singing bowls, sonic affects, clouds, sky, fans, weaving, words, voice, masks, steam, breathing masks, listening



Jonh Blanco

Jonh is part of the new creative class. Recognized as an artist, activist, dancer, educator, gardener, imagination officer, mentor, and social entrepreneur. However defined, his undisciplined practices are described as critically whimsical, courageous, and authentic. He received his BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies at the San Francisco Art Institute in 2005. He has served as teaching artist working inside San Francisco’s Youth Correctional Center, naturalist at Cincinnati Nature Center, and master kettle-corn popper for Mama Made It. He migrates by bicycle living nomadically left and right of the North American Continental Divide. Presently he resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and is 2019 MFA candidate in Studio Arts with focus on both performance and sculpture.