raising money to purchase land

For the past 6 years, LiveGlobally has helped build the Ingrid School in the Matopeni slums of Nairobi (Kenya). We've witnessed the amazing transformation as children of this community now have the opportunity to receive an education, instead of breaking rocks in the quarry (as their parents do). 

There are no water sources in the Matopeni slum, and the women and children have to walk up to 5 km (3.2 mi) in dangerous conditions, carrying 40 lb jerry cans to fetch water for their families. They have to miss school/work, and often have to do without water altogether.  

Our goal is to purchase two parcels of land (1,800 sqf) next to the current land for the Ingrid School at a total cost of $45,000. The goal of this two-parcel land purchase is to drill a borehole for water and to one day even have a safe playground for the children. The borehole itself will be funded through a separate grant program. This will supply the children of the school with clean drinking water, create a source of income for the school as they can sell the water to the other residents of the community, and prevent children from having to endanger their lives to get water.