Happy Minds, Healthy Bodies

Our Yoga program, specifically designed for youth, uses traditional poses and is based on the curriculum developed by MindBody Centering Yoga theory.

This curriculum is based on a trauma-sensitive yoga, that trains yoga teachers to support and empower individuals. Our classes allow the youth to access and integrate all aspects of their body with the goal to self-regulate from an inner-calm. Ultimately, this practice supports our participant’s ability to develop/enhance their empathic identity from their weekly mindfulness yoga body/mind practice .

Yoga teaches children creative self-expression while promoting positive self-regard. Yoga practice creates a mindfulness state of being. Our Happy Minds, Heathy Bodies program  teaches effective communication and collaboration in the face of violence, by promoting concepts such as respect, compassion, and interconnectedness within community. For youth, yoga is a great way to enjoy non-competitive physical activity, and it encourages self-esteem and body awareness. Mind Body Centering Yoga (MBCY), a weekly 30-minute mindful yoga curriculum, focused on non-punitive love and compassion gives children self-regulating skills that improve focus, enhance ability to communicate, and collaborate in a group. This practice  opens the mind for deeper creativity and resilience to the world around them.

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