How It All Began


LiveGlobally was created to serve children with experiences of MindBody fun in order to build thriving communities and empowered individuals. 

The LiveGlobally seed was germinated while nina be was working with under-resourced children in Harlem in 1973, sharing movement music and magic. Learning to travel the great racial divide together, children and mentors co-created experiences, performances and moments full of happiness and health. For the last 4 decades thousands of individuals have joined the LiveGlobally community to serve learn and grow. The seed that sprouted in Harlem has born fruit in Nairobi, Costa Rica, North Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana and beyond. There is only love and gratitude!


We spent 3 weeks in the slums of Matopeni, Kenya, to film the children of the Ingrid School, and their visit to the Sheldrick Elephant Sanctuary. Watch a preview of our first full-length documentary, Knowing By Heart.



Our model for local sustainability is focused around co-creating economic independence and growing community empowerment. 


We build healthy and happy communities through mindful living, prioritizing clean water & food, education and appreciation for a sustainable earth.

The local efforts in Nairobi for the past 7 years have been miraculous. Over 300 children are provided healthy, vegetarian nutrition daily while in school (over 1,000,000 meals in 3 years), along with a first rate education as measured by national standards, due to our support of a consistent rate of pay for teachers and staff. School shoes and uniforms has created wealth within the local community as profitable business that is growing house hold income and providing tuition for the school. Health clinics and feminine products are creating in roads into the greater community of resources, and student scores are rising so that family legacies are shifted from poverty to prosperity. Clean water is now provided by the school for its students. Our Miracle Self Help group is helping families to stabilize family income and sustainable growth.

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We work on projects focused on education, sustainability, and art. In collaboration with other organizations and local initiatives, we support communities in Nairobi, Kenya, Durham, NC, and Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

Our primary project is The Ingrid Education Centre, in the Mantopeni slums in Nairobi supporting 300 students and 12 teachers. Working towards self - sufficiency, we financed the school building and land, ensure teachers and staff wages, healthy food, clean water, sanitary pads, computers and internet.

In Durham, we developed a mindfulness yoga program in collaboration with MindBody Centering Yoga, a local trauma-sensitive curriculum, called “Happy Minds, Healthy Bodies” to  empower individuals to be their ‘best selves’. We have implemented this individualized program at the Boys and Girls Club of Durham over the past 3 years, which incorporates movement, fitness, self expression, and creative writing.

Our Role in the NGO world.

LiveGlobally provides a source of mindful networking that can call out to the greater community of resources from populations that may have become dis-enfranchised or impoverished. Our assessment paradigm targets the basic needs of health and happiness such as clean water, sustainable non-gmo food, safe environments for learning and skill building that are requested by the unique environment of each community.  We learn to care and prioritize according to the evidence of shared experience. As an example, when assessing our friends in Nairobi, we live, eat, sleep, bathe, and learn within the community. Through sharing conversations and struggles, we have come to understand that there is a standard of biological wealth needed to sustain and support thriving.

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Our ethos: kindness + compassion in service

We value...

the effect of cumulative openness; transparency = trust

the Innate nobility of respect for all beings; quality of presences

commitment for professionalism; equal sharing


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One Community

From a holistic global approach, LiveGlobally creates substantial support for under resourced communities to become self sustaining. We build a foundation of trust by co-creating solutions unique to the core situations that are undermining growth for the people involved. By educating the children in a community new paradigms of hope and prosperity, strength and empowerment are seeded for long term growth and commitment to autonomy.

Our efforts continue to improve the lives of individuals through education, nutrition, creative self-expression, increase awareness of global interconnectedness, provide stewardship of the earth's resources, and support children in need.

Passionate people dedicated to making a positive change in the world! I donate to this organization because I know that 100% of the donation will go directly to its programs! LiveGlobally also holds awesome events in Durham!
— Katey Daley
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