LiveGlobally's dear friends and partners in Nairobi need our support



Douglas and Grace Monene have been friends of mine and LiveGlobally for over 7 years. They have generously hosted us safely through the slums of Nairobi, fed us in their home, introduced us to their mothers and fathers in the upcountry of Kisi and been selfless stewards of the found children the Ingrid Education Centre.

Without the love and tireless devotion of this amazing couple, through their 15 hour days, caring for over 200 children, these precious beings would be much worse off. You understand what an effect showing up for each other has, because you are still here with us.  

We thank you ahead of time for your open heart and devotion to investing in the Oneness of all! Our dear leaders of the Ingrid Education Centre are in need -- Douglas and Grace lost everything when their home was bulldozed without warning on 12/18/2019. Please help the LiveGlobally crew supply them with the funds they need to rebuild a place called home!

If you feel called to help us get this beloved family of four some funds, please donate via Venmo or through -- your end of year donation has never been more important!

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