Experience our Water Winter Gala 2018

The Winter Water Gala of 2018, was the highlight of my year, maybe the highlight of many others, but I can definitively say that it was a beam of light and love to the children it supports!  

Click image to watch LiveGlobally’ newest documentary-short.

Click image to watch LiveGlobally’ newest documentary-short.

The communities of Ingrid School Center in Nairobi, Kenya, the village of Drake Bay in Costa Rica, and right here at home with the Durham Boy’s and Girls Club were supported by the 155 who attended.

I can’t possibly put into words the entire night, but I can give you some verbal snapshots of the evening.   

To start the night, slow ambient tunes reverberated through the space, dotted with soothing tones of underwater whale sounds. Those fluid sounds guided synchronized tales, told by the bodies of ShaLeigh’s Dance Works for the first hour, which led to the introduction of nina be.

nina be, founder of LiveGlobally shared why LiveGlobally’s mission is important to her and the communities it benefits. She spoke on the importance of teaching and nourishing children, and stated, “their hunger is our hunger,” a powerful truth that as human beings we all are connected. Nina then presented a six minute documentary featuring the mission of LiveGlobally, produced by Josh Woll, an award winning filmmaker. Following Nina, Trista Goforth, Costa Rica’s Water for Living Ambassador, was introduced to speak about the village and community of Drake Bay.

Trista, Founder of Corcovado Kids Center is a North Carolina native and now resides in Costa Rica. She supports the Water for Living project at ground zero. During the event, Trista spoke on her dedication to creating educational opportunities that promote self reliance and social responsibility. Water for Living, provides the foundation of children being happy, healthy, and present for school. Creating a sustainable water purification system in Drake Bay will reduce the intestinal parasites and illnesses that prevent children from attending school, stated Trista.

The silent auction ensued and so many partners contributed to the success of the evening.  We are pleased to announce that the event raised over $10,000.

The Winter Water Gala was truly an event filled with effervescent and a community of people joining to invest in the future of our children.  All the members of LiveGlobally send a warm applause of thankfulness.

In sincere gratitude,


Checkout Photos of the evening: