LiveGlobally In a Year | 2017

We kicked off 2017 by throwing a really sweet New Years party! (and raised over $5000)

Yep. Instead of going to bed at 10, or waiting around for yet another anticlimactic midnight arrival, we are able get to do all the fun things: spending time with your favorite people, feasting on gourmet vegan food, enjoying local microbrews & wine, listening and dancing to live music, gambling (yes! gambling!), playing games, and, best of all, raising money for LiveGlobally!

In March, LG board member Katie traveled to Kenya & manifested some really cool projects:

Then LiveGlobally's application was chosen as a non profit partner for DISI

As summer rolled in we got busy with our local projects

We got to teach yoga and mindfulness to a group of women refugees 


and we all got to do yoga together at Durham Central Park at our Summer Solstice yoga mala.


But the summer wasn't all yoga and parties we had many board meetings and got lots of great assistance from our advisory board and friends 


We also sponsored a local family of refugees with transportation assistance 


Then a generous donor help purchase new textbooks for The Ingrid School


& we closed out the year with Katie and Nina traveling to Costa Rica to develop a partnership with a remote school in Drake Bay

(you all donated 70 lbs of school and medical supplies and 3 laptops!)

We have lots of plans for 2018 and we'd love for you all to be included 

- we're going back for another service retreat in costa rica
- DISI will dedicate another 3 months to helping grow LiveGlobally
- our goal is to double the teachers fund for the Ingrid School in Nairobi
- we just renewed our fostering commitment to support our wildlife family of 4 elephants and a rhino in Kenya 
- we are growing our enrichment program sharing children's art between Durham and Nairobi