teaching peace, being peace.

LiveGlobally's Annual Campaign 2018

#compassionING, is about teaching peace by living peace. Our goal to grow and nourish community, a group of people that goes beyond the small c of community to the big C of community.

What we expect ::

We want others to learn what peace means to them. Expression, demonstration, compassionING is everyday life.

We want people to believe in peace, to see beyond one's own limitation, and facilitate the process to be open, to have a voice and be involved. By reading this you are now connected.

Join us in learning to love so that we can love all and see all the goodness that is.


Your Support Matters

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By choosing to support #compassionING, together we are having a meaningful impact that holds everything to the highest integrity. Help us continue to do the work we all need. WE ARE ALL CONNECTED!